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Concept | Phonebloks and Project Ara

Source: Phonebloks


Prototypes are concepts. Prototypes are possibilities. Prototypes are a glimpse of how reality can be shaped, the status quo disrupted by a determined set of people driven by the right mix of ideals and objectives.

Devices that last

I like devices that last. Nothing rattles me more that having a device that runs out of juice every year or so. Lets admit to facts here. Innovation in the tech space is a reality. It is an unflinching task master and is inevitable to those people and companies that are in that space.

Companies cannot just create product lines, product categories, a new way of thinking things and then choose to sit back. They have to innovate to survive, and that is the only bottomline that will determine a company’s bottomline going forward.

Innovation is fuel

Innovation is also the only fuel and currency that matters to those players that want to stay in the game. To those players that want to stay relevant and in the reckoning for the long haul. Innovation is the key driver that determines the future trajectory and fortunes of a company in the tech space. And tech space is brutal. You have entire empires dissolving in a matter of years getting replaced by fresh faces, fresh brands and fresh perspectives willing to risk surfing in the Continue reading

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