Linkedin Signal – Find out who’s hiring and what’s happening in your network

Bit of background

Do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of information that is being thrown at you the moment you login in to your Linkedin account? There are likes, shares, updates from coworkers, profiles updates, group updates, company news, more and much more. The list goes on. You have updates happening by the second, streaming from your entire network. If you have 500+ members, and few dozen groups that you are a part of then best of luck sifting through the information.

So how does one make sense of it all?

Enter Linkedin Signal

Linkedin Signal was announced as beta way back in 2010. It was touted as a new way for professionals to consume news and information featuring on Linkedin in the form of status updates, tweets via shares, groups and profiles.

It is a convenient way for you to sift through the clutter and noise to get to the information that you want, the way you want it. Linkedin Signal works as a sorting and sifting tool. A user has the option of sorting updates by his network, by company, by location, by industry, time last updated, school, topics, and much more.

The information streaming in constantly when you first login becomes a little easier to manage. You can then like, favorite, retweet, reply, and also comment to all the action that is happening in your professional network.

Linkedin Signal Search feature:

As mentioned in the YouTube video, Linkedin Signal allows users to even search for jobs based on a few keywords. The search results will pull up people in your network and beyond who have posted status updates related to hiring. This works best if you have a large network to begin with.

Use Linkedin Signal today. It is a sub tab located under the News tab and learn from your network. Screenshot below.


Linkedin Series:

This is the third in a series of short essays on Linkedin that will talk about how to make the best use of this service for your professional networking needs, finding jobs, expanding your network, integrating and using the proper settings for your social media channels, and optimizing and maintaining an online profile.


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