5 simple rules – Live light, live right

Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do,
but it gets you nowhere. ~Glenn Turner

Its simple and oft ignored. Happiness and a few rules that can help us stay grounded, rooted and firm. These five rules make it worth the while when it comes to claiming your slice of happiness. Happiness is all about staying content. It does not mean letting go of ambition, rather keeping a few things in mind as we live our lives by choice.

  1. Hatred – is what binds us, draws energy from us and makes us weak. Thinking continuously of someone or an entity and losing sleep never has helped or will help. Cast away the anger, give up the hatred. Breathe.
  2. Worry – about the past, present or future is something we all deal in. Do the karma, script your present so that it becomes a future and a past you truly are proud of.
  3. Simple living – is harder than it reads or sounds. Minimalism is liberating if practiced without going over the edge. Strike a balance, live light, live right.
  4. Giving – Give someone your time. Give somebody an ear to their pain and thoughts (working on that myself). Give anything that you have in excess. Give.
  5. Expect less – Expectations poison mostly everything they touch. Voicing them does more harm than good. Do not suffer silently but make sure that when you expect you need to also understand if you deserve what you expect in the first place. If not, then work toward it and be worth it. But to not voice and kill the monster if need be. Life is so much better when you do not have the millstone of expectation around your neck, ever waiting to burden someone you expect from.


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One thought on “5 simple rules – Live light, live right

  1. That’s the simple mantra for happiness rest all are and is ‘moh – maya’. Being happy or sad is the simple choice that we individually make for ourselves. Its all within. Keep writing. – Shre.

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