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Side with #Pride is a (27 + 6 + 15) 48 piece project that supports same-sex marriage.


All marriages are “same sex” marriages. You get married, and every night, it’s the same sex. ~ Bill Maher

“I have to wonder at what point the people fighting to protect marriage will realize that traditional couples haven’t exactly been doing too good a job of it so far.” ~ Dan Pearce

I support gay marriage. I believe they have a right to be as miserable as the rest of us. ~ Kinky Friedman

I don’t understand what the big deal is with gay marriage. Get over it, people. ~ Kristin Chenoweth

I don’t really care how or why Obama got to the right place on gay marriage. I’m just glad he got there. ~ Mark McKinnon

Valerie’s Letter [V for Vendetta]




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Salil Lawande is a working professional dabbling constantly with text, photos, doodles and the act of creation when time permits. He is living/working/traveling in India.

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2 thoughts on “Doodles | Side with Pride

  1. Wow. This is… Spectacular. I love the artwork, love the quotes you added, and appreciate the links to various things that connect with the issue. Great job! I think this is an amazing thing you’ve done. Wow. I really don’t know what else to say.

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